New Craze Gaming

New Craze is a professional, in manner and competitive gaming clan that strives in providing a friendly and family-oriented environment for every Member and enjoy the companionship of other gamers. But as a platform to excel and improve your gameplay around a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. We take pride in our leadership and focus on making every member feel equally important with our ranking structure which allows any gamer who accepts the responsibility the opportunity to join us!!!   

Marouge Moore, CEO

Founder " Marouge moore"/Co founder "Shaw inman" on October 29th, 2019 New Craze clan was born. On that day these experienced leaders and fellow gamers set the single goal that all  gamers deserve a family, competitive environment and safe gaming experience regardless of race, gender, and religious or personal belief .


     Fortnite Leader

NC Blackgorilla , is a Fortnite Gamer and the CEO of Clan. He grinds competivly to represent the Clan and is very dedicated to getting to the top and helping others along the way .


          Warzone Leader



    Cold War Leader

NC Bladez , is a cool calm headed individual, who has the expectations to want to surpass his fellow clan mates and friends, he also has the experiences to do so if he tries, be tries to be and do his best when it comes to the clan, which he is a Dependable asset to the clan!!!

                             Tryout Requirement's For New Craze


                                  Fortnite Requirement's

            • Competitive : Age12+,Div 8+,Played 8+ FN Tourneys, Active 3+Days a Week

            • Creative warriors : Age 11+ flashy/crazy builds, insane mechanic's, nasty clips

            • Content Creator's : Age 12+ creative content, daily posting, 200+ subs or follower's


                                   Warzone Requirement's

            • Age 13+, 1.00+ k/D,  Active clipper,  Active 4+ days|weekly

            • 4+ Days played, 500+ games  

            • 10+ Wins, 50+ top 5, 1000+ kills 




            COD:Cold War Requirement's

            League Play: Coming soon

            Multiplayer: Age +13 ,K\D 1.00+ , 1v1 Sniper's to 20 ,1v1 Guns to 30 , level 55

            Modern warfare (SND)

            Multiplayer: Age 15+, K\D 1.30+, 

                                                                   How to join New craze !!!


            You must have the required stats for the game you choose to tryout for

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            To join our Clan you need to contact one of our Recruiters in the request tryouts



            The recruiter will give you additional info on the clan and answer any of your questions?


            The recruiter will get back in contact with you and inform you  date when your able to tryout